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abercrombie and kent

Abercrombie and kent  is selected to be a favorite of countless fans" great master "in the classic" train the ultimate showdown "scenes star Sandra played Yuesao" abercrombie and kent abercrombie and kent Palace Three " tells himself, "hermit expert" abercombie and fitch status, with the head of Eric Wing Chun Museum is a must to compete, the film’s musical style, the actor’s action moves, even passing trains rumbling almost as engraved Ask tribute to the classic movie "funny" plot, in the "Luk Fook wedding" in another, without losing the original funny spoof of children, it is definitely more than laughing. It is reported that the weather is quite hot day of shooting, Eric was wearing a robe headband hat, wearing a long-sleeved dress Sandra fur shawl, although more than sweat, but the two still a serious one and complete the required "static" action. They also day Shooting laugh called "sauna weight loss treatment", the dedication is evident. Funny also come forward Ronald beaten In the movie "Luk Fook happy event", the showdown when Sandra and Eric are among Ronald "come forward" after careful consideration hollister uk logo abercrombie and kent duo caught in the middle, the two masters were abercrombie and kent received too late to move, only while playing on his face. In order to achieve the best, "laughed fruit", when Sandra and Eric blast hit the face, Ronald consciously distorted faces, funny look hilarious. Eric saw Ronald mouth crooked eye oblique, instantly laugh cramps, inflicted on him. "nipple magic ", and finally make Ronald reply as when shooting in the studio, this play so that all the cast and crew laughing, more like three actors director Vincent Kok transcendent wisdom, flash in the pan has a past," I also splendidly boxing "of the color effect. Lunar New Year comedy "Luk Fook happy event" Pictures from the music, as produced, directed by Vincent Kok, Raymond Wong, Eric Tsang.