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Abercrombie fitch down at cell phone. Five years ago, Ms. Lee also "move installment of" numerous wholesale clothing stall in one: "Now age, and energy not sell clothes not sell, I do not want to idle, so it is still a Taner it. " Days Hao began operations as a daily point every morning, Ms. Lee get up, make breakfast for the whole family, then from abercrombie fitch the home rushed to the mall located in Huilongguan succeed early to "lift the curtain open stalls abercrombie fitch children" son. Noon when Ms. Lee to the mall stalls selling drinks to go hollister uk hollistethere to borrow microwave heating to lunch, "I always bring their own food, eat a makeshift got." Then, Lee stretch over a bunch of children hanging on the side of the phone shell, each of which is new, wrapped in plastic bags: "But I’m here to sell with young children than those not law, young stock Mood children more, there are many with a drill. before I sold while children with a drill, then do not sell, style update too fast. " "Now more varieties of mobile phones, mobile phone shell looks too much, but now shop on the internet too much, are also affected, but I do not get older, they are multi-year-old man, did not focus do shop "Despite this, she would like to do abercrombie fitch more years, Ms. Lee said, currently the booth:." at least one day in order to earn back the abercrombie fitch dollar, now at a loss, on May Day, more than 11 people, This Taner to return to this. " What to make money selling what, for a businessman, it is normal thing, which is why the "dynamic batch" was never a simple "clothing market", "Community" is the theme of the whole "moving batch" . Review "now emphasizes industrial upgrading, in fact,abercrombie sale is a pseudo-concept. Industry no distinction or distinction, there is no zoo sell clothing that is humble industry in Zhongguancun.