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ah. infected by her, and I also picked up a bamboo needle, procurement cheap hollister of yarn, a sweater fast sky.
From the beginning of the affected children, and later her husband really wanted to weave sweater, I suddenly kind of weave “hair job” into a loving impulses friends know, asked me:. “This nian tou Who knitting ah, your husband will wear it costs awkward doing this, I’ll buy you go shopping, “I replied:”? .. Wearing my mind, even if he fitted cupboard I am pleased. ”
Time fly, an organization led by his daughter, “Mao job” movement quietly hollister stores coming to an end when the clothes on her husband who, if I find myself back to love season, the way he laughed, and that year is no different. But, he said, is: “I am the happiest person in the world, there is a warm sweater woven wife, daughter have woven scarf children warm this winter is a warm winter!”
Sweater, scarf woven over, the heart seems to calm down, a little lost, a little suited. Daughter hiding in the sofa like a day and two Boss, you weave my weave look, you say a few words I say two, her husband was rushed to the computer chair hollister boys and shouted grievances but look proud evening. How long have we no longer such a nice place to spend o