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The autumn wind blowing gently, imperceptibly in autumn came to our hollister usa side, didn’t even acknowledge me.
Up in the morning, looking at the window glass, the entire field filled with white mist. Dull and lonely wind, very hard through windows to squeeze in, put cold spread to every corner of my room. I couldn’t help playing a shabby, cold ah! But no way, but also go to class.
I couldn’t help but to hit sleepy, murky fan to pick up the sketchpad, toolbox, ride the car to the remedial class direction. Riding, braving the cold from time to time on both sides of the road, everything was filling the “desolate desolate” this hat. To the remedial classes, painting a painting is like a day dream, drawing all in a dream. Alas, early know will become so, last night you do not stay up late watching cartoons, although I know it is just a useless words, but said: “why not sell regret medicine!”
But at noon it is different, the sunshine at noon, the sky is blue. The hollister gilet autumn wind is light, the light was fresh, light transparent, pale and distant, like people extremely distant square the cheerful voice. Trees, street, building, building, straight through the warm orange wind, along the years flow track tactfully.
At this time of day, one point one points from the fingertip drop, psychology has a kind of unspeakable boredom.
Do not know what the firm stands in front of me, blocking my line of sight, suppressing my playfulness, cut off my mind. Alas, I can only helplessly lying on the desk, writing, calculation, be, Mo, fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness. Sometimes holding a comic book in a daze, pick up the brush down, do not know to draw what, don’t know what to paint.
Finally, the boring homework I give “Seckill”. The joy I almost jumped hollister uk clearance out from the mouth, rushed from the chest, leaking from the bones. Originally, it is joy!