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The third day long national day, Ding brother asked me to go to the hollister promo code Zhaoqing City Kaide Plaza newly opened just a week of “old Xi’an” to try. “Old Xi’an” should do good business, since the beginning of 2006 opened the first store in Shenzhen, a short 7 years, has opened several stores in Guangdong multiple city. The Zhaoqing is located in the most prosperous section of a square, the most prosperous, before opening has been doing a lot of advertising, on television, outdoor billboards, colleagues, friends a month ago and I said, Cade Plaza is going to open a “old Xi’an” after the opening has attracted. A lot of Shaanxi and non Shaanxi “chowhound” went to taste Shaanxi Food. It is also good, in the QQ group and Micro message friends there are many words of praise.
Ding brother is one I respect the elder brother, in 1990, when Zhaoqing city person is very scarce, he graduated from the south, cooking school job, came to this strange city, at the time of the Sogang University, now Zhaoqing University canteen work. From small, the cook, the purchaser a step by step walk. When everyone is the envy of his “fat”, he decided to quit his job, his business, the contractor of the dining hall, a school, an enterprise, a school, a…… , come down a few years, he has contracted the much home unit dining hall, hollister coupon this time, those who work with people really realize the Shaanxi countryside out of the young man really not easy.
Ding Ge engaged in the catering industry for more than twenty years, dishes, cook tasted the dishes too many to count, but he said the most like or Shaanxi cuisine. Fortunately for him, his wife is the hometown of Shaanxi, it will do Shaanxi dishes, Steamed buns, dumplings, cold noodle and so the whole well. In recent years, his family living condition is getting better and better, the more houses for more, the old man came to live with us together. Ding Ge’s mother is a genuine Shaanxi woman, authentic Shaanxi dialect, Shaanxi customs, Shaanxi hand roll will be authentic. I admire Ding brother can in thousands of miles away from his hometown of Shaanxi to eat mother’s home cooking.
In late September, several of us Shaanxi villagers to arrange for a “Chinese dream? Love for “villages songyisongyao action. The party and the people talking about the “old Zhaoqing Xi’an”, some people say that you’ve been, but also good. I and D brother meet we have free will go to try, but not in the opened a few days ago, a popular let him blundering slightly cool down again.
Ding brother left Shaanxi this business for 23 years, there are 20 years away from my hometown, middle-aged we gradually changing the accent, but no change in our stomach. From lactation to childhood, puberty, directly stimulate our taste of Shaanxi is hollister locations the authentic taste, whether it is Steamed buns, steamed stuffed bun, hand roll homely, or occasionally open kaihun basin mutton, beef and mutton paomo, gourd head, has been in our taste buds have “a milk” mark. Our taste is extremely stubborn, like acid, spicy, like pasta.