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Each visit are from the reality of the psyche. Wide like the old mother hollister sale of mind as the sea, like crystal bright, a coral like white jade. In Seda, Kangding, Ganzi many people worship. They have you in my heart the buddha. The Buddha can bring them happiness, Ankang. The Buddha can give them spiritual food. The Buddha is great in their hearts. My heart is Buddha, which give more love in my mind, give me good, true heart. Give my heart a piece of pure sky, a film with love and true spiritual eyes. They are all true. Worship is a kind of custom, is also a kind of spirit and will of the test. I was in the city to find can let the heart resting place. This may be true, perhaps this is love. When I come into contact with Herbalife, I had not thought it would change me, also do not think it will bring me so much joy. I am using Herbalife products a year later, found it gives me so great changes. Whether it is psychological, too big change occurred on physiology. I really appreciate hollister outlet the Herbalife — is it let me in the city to find the development of the local. It is also a love to my work. Let my soul has a piece of pure sky. I was in the city of vacant, wandering. Now I see the soul — the brightest stars light up the eyes, as if it gives me once don’t love to too many people and things come to love. I thank the Herbalife business director of the heart. Love is so simple. When I love a thing and people. The heart and the action will be to fight, go to. When such efforts to get the results, the heart will bloom beautiful flowers. I will revel in this atmosphere. Someone told me: “Chang Feng, Herbalife can not believe, it is a pyramid.” I didn’t listen to it. If I listen to it at the time, I would not have now, but will not see me write this text. I love Herbalife, is it my soul pure white hada. When the hollister kids city quietly asleep, I put my second spring in the city, let my passion, flying with the pursuit of love, love for everyone. I need more people have love now, it is the most beautiful song in mind.