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hollister uk sweatpants your own dressing mix, mix them by hollister uk sweatpants drying, published fashion with the view to get the attention and recognition, making certain influential fashion from the media center. coming "dress assistant" will be personalized and community-based sharing with the further exploration. Founder Gu Ying Ying said that the financing will be used to explore new business models on the one hand by the C-terminal product shopping guide, continue to abercombie force mobile providers; On the other hand the B-side to create fashion, fashion people use Quick Butt businesses and brands, will influence into actual consumption by CB model, breaking the traditional brand agency closed circle, as more brands landing in China provide the resources and docking. In addition, the "dress assistant" be regarded as a hollister uk sweatpants very, very typical venture products, initially no profit model, product features are also very hollister uk sweatpants simple. The market, and then continue to make adjustments based on feedback from the market, around a core needs, namely "clothing with "continually extended in this process (may be more painful process) slowly accumulated user and get investors to pro-gaze, then the business model has become increasingly clear. Wonderful dialogue: Q: Coats abercrombie fitch brother, your coat it? A: Oh, sell, auction you guess how much money selling price, Wan my God, here it is, in my old coat, so with an auction, made a charitable donation, the value of it.?.!! Q: CCTV give you two pieces of costumes, you still wear it? " A: do not wear because Shaya, are single, and a long-sleeved a short-sleeved, this weather is too cold now, have to wear a down jacket!!! Q: Your small partner big cock it? A: Do not mention it, in the central Taiwan show, I do not know Zenong not to hollister uk sweatpants throw them pay me!!