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Morning News (Peninsula Morning News, the network’s chief correspondent Haili Lin) “(He) just missed froze to death, has no temperature up.” Matron Wu Xue shadow in the early morning hours to rescue a man who said during yesterday dawn division, coupons for hollister one-year-old man was found curled up on the roadside, was already frozen after the alarm, the police rushed to the hospital to be eventually turned the corner.
Yesterday, reporters from the first Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, learned that promise hours of yesterday morning, a vague sense of a middle-aged man was sent to the hospital emergency rescue police. Initial diagnosis by the medical staff, the man for a long time in the cold Outdoor been frozen, there has been a low body temperature syndrome, there are life-threatening.
Wu Xue shadow nurse involved in the rescue, told reporters the man hollister sales to the hospital when covered with mud, “the temperature is already low yield